McKinney Community Information

?McKinney Texas ? Unique by Nature.?

Named after Collin McKinney, a pioneer, land surveyor and Texas lawmaker who helped draft and signed the Texas Declaration of Independence, McKinney originated as a small farming village with most town structures built of rough pine logs. Collin County was lush with flora and wildlife, and lumber was hauled from the Caddo Lake cypress groves because of its resilience to rot and insects. In the late 1800s, the Houston & Texas Central Railroad was completed and McKinney?s growth accelerated. Before the end of the century, McKinney had grown from a small village to one of the wealthiest small cities in Texas.

Today, there are more than 119,000 residents in McKinney. The city is located just 30 miles north of Dallas and 30 miles northeast of the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. With major highways that run north-south and east-west, the community provides easy access to all the amenities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and is well positioned for future growth. McKinney sports a diverse economic base and is home to United American Insurance, Blockbuster Entertainment?s national distribution and data processing center and Raytheon?s defense systems and electronics group.

McKinney is a blended community with a charming mix of old-fashioned community spirit and big-city industry. In addition to its industrial growth, the city offers numerous exciting cultural venues. The Historic Courthouse, made of hand carved stone in the style of the French Second Empire, is the crowning jewel of the city?s downtown. The courthouse is surrounded by a lively Victorian square complete with specialty shops, antique stores, art galleries, fine restaurants and the site of many festivals and events. Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary, Bolin Wildlife Exhibit, Heard-Craig Historic Center, Chestnut Square Historical Park and Collin County Central Museum are a few of the other popular attractions in McKinney.

Of course, because of its close proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, all of the amenities afforded in those two cities are available to McKinney residents. Both the Dallas and Fort Worth Zoos, the Dallas Museum of Natural History, the Fort Worth Stockyards, Amon Carter Museum, the Morton Meyerson Symphony Hall, the Ballpark in Arlington (home of the Texas Rangers), the new Texas Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys), and the American Airlines Arena (home of both the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Stars) are a mere day trip away.

The City of McKinney is a delightful mix of old and new. Valued historic districts and new residential developments exist side by side. Historic homes in Chestnut Square Historical Park are lovingly preserved in honor of Collin County settlers as modern single-family residential communities are built around them. Slowly but surely McKinney is taking shape as a proud, independent city and a gateway to the southwest.